Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Elmo said...

This is the first time I have made and attempt to communicate on a blog, so I hope this comment is following the right internet protocols.
First, I think now is the perfect time to begin the process within the Republican Party to nominate and elect Sarah Palin as our next President. I believe that we must first overcome the East Coast tendency for liberal and elite republicanism. Both Presidents Bush were unable to continue the total legacy of President Reagan. GW was able to push through a half-hearted tax break, but apparently did not have the same attitude toward the middle class as Reagan. GW is an elitist, and contributed greatly to the losses in the elections. Reagan was much more of a populist, as I believe Sarah Palin is.
I think this attitude pervaded the leadership that the Republicans had which resulted in them overspending and "snatching defeat from the jaws of success". It began when the Republican leadership offered to share their power with the liberal Democrats shortly after assuming control of the Senate. But I digress.
Second, we have to find out if Sarah Palin is willing to run for President with a grassroots/quiet campaign for the next 4 years.
After determining her willingness to run, I think that the focus to overcome the power of the liberals in the Republican Party should the first step, and asking for $5 from everyone who believes in her abilities to bring back the Reagan legacy is the second step. This could become a large amount for the time 3 years from now when she will need it.
Third, I believe Sarah Palin is the best one to lead the Party to majorities in congress during the elections 2 years from now. She needs our support now to become a national leader and then to become our first female President. She may be the only one to defeat either Obama or Clinton in 2012.
Thank You,

Bob Wang said...

Thanks, very well said.
I'm quite certain that the euphoria over The One will quickly be doused by market and world realities.
Unfortunately, He will be able to run on experience next time, so Governor Palin will have a higher hurdle.
I'm all for the grass roots effort.
P.S. YOU should start a blog :-)

Far Left Texas said...

The people of the USA have spoken. And they spoke very loudly and very clearly; the electoral vote was one of the most lopsided in history.

So I think all people, regardless of party affiliation or liberal/conservative point of view, need to give President Elect Obama a fair chance and a allow him a fair amount of time after taking office before making our judgments and talking about things like who's going to be running in 2012.

So I'm going to wait until February or March before putting my Palin 2012 bumper sticker on my car.

Anonymous said...

While not political in nature..I have to know, Bob, who do you use to track site visits? I love that layout!

Bob Wang said...

I just use the free Google Analytics service at:


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I don't know why I didn't know Google offered it. They have everything else!

Great blog, BTW. I never realized you had one before.

Bob Wang said...

Thanks, I try to keep it under wraps ;-)