Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Anonymous said...

Unhappy, Bob?

Anonymous said...

Ok...I just noticed when that was posted. I can understand, even though I disagree with, your unhappiness.

Bob Wang said...

Yes, unhappy.
But unhappy for the country.
I think Obama's supporters are in for much disillusionment.
Country survived Carter ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think many of the Obama supporters are in for a surprise. He isn't Superman and the President has very little actual authority when all is said and done.

Alas, I am one of the few Obama/Biden supporters who voted for him with a realistic idea of what he can and cannot do and what he will and will not do.

Depending on where your ideals are, he will either be a really good step in the right direction or a really bad step in the wrong direction. Frankly, I just hope things don't get worse at this point.

Plus I am a tiny bit socialist when it comes to helping those who need our help. So I tend to vote democrat on those issues. I actually almost voted McCain until he picked Palin.

Well, you certainly have yourself a new reader! I have huge amounts of respect for your contributions on CB and CM and I hope you will stop by my blog and take a peak around sometime.

Bob Wang said...

Thanks, Lion.
I'll have to drop by your site.
What's the address?

Anonymous said...

I am so terrible about including it


Tell a friend :)